Lesser Means More

A Scottsdale Realtor is a Real Catch!

We are a complete realty, residential property management, leasing, & sales company.

Lesser Associates Llc. provides a complete Realty service to primarily Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona residents. The Lessers have been dedicated to residential property management, leasing, & sales for over 35 years. As a family owned and operated group of Scottsdale Realtors, there is no other option but to provide the best experience in realty marketing. The Lessers live up to their long-time Realtor’s promise of answering two a.m. maintenance calls from clients all over Arizona. Read the history of Larry and his father Property Manager Chuck Lesser .

…We like to think of our success in Arizona Property Management as over 35 years of bragging rights.

Lesser’s Realtors cannot wait to get started on a property in your area, or vacation home rental. Use this site to find furnished and unfurnished condos, homes, and apartments in Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix Metro Area, Arcadia, Cave Creek, and Gilbert Arizona. Their passion for Real Estate comes from a real desire to change your lifestyle for the better. Whether you’re renting a family vacation home or investing in a property, you’ll have more precious time with your family and friends while they make the hard choices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your Realtor does not work this hard for you, the Lessers will.

We mean it when we say Lesser means more. Check out our About Us page Scottsdale Realty’s Finest and learn why we’re so passionate…”

-Larry Lesser

Designated Broker

Residential Investment Property Manager


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Arizona Property Management Services

Scottsdale Vacation Rentals AZ, betchya didn’t know our Realtors know how to party!

Investment property management is an awesome endeavor. It has great return on investment for our Realtors and clients. But where are the exciting risk-takers? It is time you tried our Vacation Rentals AZ. What is the return on investment for a vacation home rental? It has the strong benefit of privacy. You can enjoy a kitchen for home cooked meals. Maybe you can grab a game of back yard tennis with your friend. A private swimming pool beats sharing with thousands of hotel guests. And a vacation rental is cheaper!

Arizona Realtors have manners.

Who doesn’t appreciate companies that offer “New-Owner friendly” programs? Just call it Scottsdale pride and charge it to the game! If you are a first-time buyer, we will give you two months of service free. No worries, free service does not mean cheap work. We have Realtors in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Cave Creek, and Gilbert, Arizona, who are ready to change your life.

Affordable Commission Rates for our Realtors, and Lowest Monthly fees for Property Investors means happy days are here again.

Arizona is a stunning place to build your investment property experience. A bargain means nothing without a great manager to back it up. Our Realtors’ have extensive knowledge of the local areas and can show you around. They pride their selves on their responsiveness to your calls. A strong marketing background has been passed down the family line. Their negotiating skills are crucial. Now take a deep breath. We are going to get you through the investment process successfully. Visit our contact page for more info.

We Can Help Get that Monkey off your Back.

We believe in a no-hassle relationship. Most can testify to competitive pricing. Often eager telephone salesmen will call your home too often. We refuse to drag ourselves through the roller coaster of price rises and falls. Instead we’ve managed to juggle reasonable fees with unexpected services. We leave hassles to property managers who wear it best.

You won’t feel any management pain, just property gain.

Deciding on a property manager is a sensitive topic. We will provide you with stellar references to make your decision easier. We customize your contract to fit your desires. Then our realtors take a backseat. We step in only when the customer lacks expertise and critical information. Everything our company provides is detailed on our investment page.

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